The Employer:

Berkeley Bowl Marketplace a family-owned, gourmet grocer in Berkeley Califonia.



The objectives here were complicated - firstly, there was a need to convince the powers that be at Berkeley Bowl that my experience in marketing and communications could be advantageous to the company in a role beyond the cashier position I had been hired to do. Secondly to demonstrate, with little to no investment or support that social media has changed the landscape, and that marketing is now a necessary function that can help to drive awareness and elevate brand visibility. Third, introduce customers to the eCommerce platform in an effort to improve sales in the middle of a global pandemic. Fourth, to activate and manage previously unexplored revenue channels to aid in recovery from the fiscal impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Primary Challenges: 

  • Marketing efforts on any level are unfamiliar at the company, there is significant skepticism regarding the value of marketing programs.

  • A Global Pandemic

  • Limited resources, no additional staff - any projects and executions need to be done without budget or staff support. 

  • No budget - due to the lack of familiarity with marketing as a business function, the challenge was to do the most with the very least.

Successes to date:

Though there is a formidable list of deliverables that need to be addressed, there have been some key successes that have happened so far;​

  • Launch of the new Berkeley Bowl website - the new site has custom content, updated regularly, and has been re-tooled to drive visitors to transactional pages. 

  • Launch of the Berkeley Bowl Gift Shop, selling gift cards and Berkeley Bowl branded items that can be purchased and shipped to recipients. 

  • 2000 new followers (IG) were organically added, within the first three months, with no active promotion, with consistent ongoing growth

  • Increased frequency in posts including monetized social partnerships

  • Original content including editorial and photography

  • New video content creation

  • Increased engagement - new posts garner more than 10X the engagements over previous posts

  • Recipe development for paid promotion

  • Food styling and photography for branded promotion​

Next up: Expansion of the marketing team, exploration of new platforms, growth and development of the audience.

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