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The Client:

Laughing Buddha Comedy (LBC) is a privately held company in NYC that operates a comedy school for aspiring funny people. LBC also produces a rooster of shows all over New York City where students can have time on some of the most famous stages in the New York comedy scene. 



Website refresh - the original site was dated and clumsy for users resulting in inaccuracies in data collection


Key requests from Client side: 

  • Ensure that refinements reflect the existing brand identity.

  • Functional continuity - the website must still have the functions users expect when they visit and register


Primary Challenges: 

  • Limited understanding of technology on the client side.

  • Limited Resources both budget and 

  • Outdated CMS with limited capacity for updates and edits

  • Familiarity and comfort with a site that was more than 12 years old.

The Solution

For this project most of the requirements revolved around refinement rather than reinventing. An updated content strategy was presented to the client, including integration of social media and guidelines on posts specific to each platform.

The site design was created as a wire frame, with a focus on clean visuals, deliberate use of white space, clean graphics, refining brand identity, maintaining/imposing continuity, and keeping traffic on the site rather than driving to websites/pages.

Highlights include:

  • Original pages were all black with white text. New pages feature a white background that makes text easier to read.

  • Links on the page link to other parts of the site or open in a new tab - previously links drove to outside sites and pages resulting in drop off in site traffic.

  • UI was refined with navigation and functionality more intuitive to visitor expectation.

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