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Oh Hey there

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Hi, I'm Chi (sounds like knee).


Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by, here's a bit about me.

In college, I studied broadcast engineering, which led me to opportunities working for a local radio station in a variety of roles, none of which were related to my degree. Mom was thrilled.

The next chapter found me working in financial institutions - a bank, a brokerage house. But the bubble was growing and so were the opportunities. The economy went up, and up and this new sector that developed around the world wide web was taking off.


And that's where I found my groove - digital media, working at the biggest players, a couple of the smaller ones and several in-between.

My digital media career started as a coordinator in the thick of things, working at the biggest player at the time, on campaigns that led the way in setting standards and tactics for online advertising and promotion. Keywords and chat were part of our DNA. I was surrounded by the best of the industry and earned an education no university could offer.

I moved to the city that never sleeps and loved it.

I became an event planner, planning and executing experiential marketing campaigns in both B2B and B2C initiatives, both domestically and internationally including at Nice Lions.

Next, I took the lead as creative director + strategic lead, redesigning websites and developing UX strategies, leading to greater functionality, improved visual representation, cleaner branded presence and increased ad revenue. 

I took on roles in strategy and business development that led to the generation of millions through partnerships with top tier clients.

Along the way, I nurtured my love of food and cooking. I faced off with a volatile British celebrity chef after beating 38,000 others for the opportunity, and I peered into baskets of mystery ingredients while shoulder to shoulder with professional chefs and I have the Instagram to show it.

I also taught an NFL player and his team how to use social media platforms to better promote a beastly brand, and created a brand guideline to help them further define their optics and their digital presence. (The hug I got was epic.)

I flexed my funny bone on some of the most famous stages in the world with nothing to hide behind except my wit and a microphone.

I moved back home for #mamasaneats, and survived the hardest trials I've encountered to date. I made tough decisions because I had to, and started back at square one, on my feet, stronger than I thought I could be.

I took a job in a place that I love completely unrelated to the quarter-century of experience I had amassed and was reminded of humility patience and the need to always be kind.

I convinced the powers that be that my talents were better used in other ways, then spent over a year proving it.

And now, I wonder where my last job will be and what I might be doing. Could be anything if the past is any indication of the future.

My career path has been anything but linear. I couldn't be any more grateful for the experience I've gathered as I've wandered along, and I'm looking forward to my next big adventure!


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